MT2601 wearable module chip development information (schematic diagram, reference design, datasheet)

MT2601 supports android Wear operating system and is a complete solution for wearable devices. Device manufacturers can use this solution to integrate hardware and software into wearable devices, realize various functions of the Android Wear operating system, and rapidly promote the production of wearable devices.

The MT2601 chip is relatively smaller in size, with an assembly size of only 480mm2. Compared with other chips of the same type, the number of components is reduced by 41.5%. The chip uses a 1.2GHz dual-core arm Cortex-A7 processor and an ARM Mali-400 MP GPU, supports QHD-level screen resolution, integrates multiple external sensors, and the blue night five-in-one wireless connection solution MT6630, and supports Android Wear map navigation feature.

As it is geared towards wearable devices, the compact and lightweight MediaTek MT2601 also has lower power consumption, which can provide longer lasting battery life for the device.

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MT2601_PCB_Design_Guidelines - English - V1_0.pdf





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